Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Class of 2014 Lynsey | Tomah, WI Photographer

I have to preface this blog post with the following statement ... It is soooo unbelievably hard to pick images for my "class of 2014" senior blog posts / Facebook.  Every single one of them have been amazing to work with and had some really neat ideas.

Lynsey was no exception.  She is a little bit of glam and a little bit of country girl all rolled into one (I think I just quoted a country song .. maybe?).  Her grandfathers farm provided the perfect fields for her images.  Then we headed downtown for a couple modern images as well. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Class of 2014 Jecole | Tomah, WI Photographer

Jecole is a class of 2014 senior from Tomah.  As you can tell from the pictures - she loves John Deere and four-wheeling.  We split her session into two different sessions because she really wanted to get some in the falls ... and she wasn't afraid to get wet.  Here are a few favs from her session!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nate & Jessica Married | La Crosse, WI Photographer

Nate & Jessica were married on a beautiful Saturday in June.  It was overcast and at times, the weather was even questionable - but the rain stayed away and we ended up having a beautiful wedding at Pettibone Resort.  They did have a first look (first picture) because they had quite a bit of family coming to the reception and they wanted to make sure they were able to get pictures with all of their family.  The little ring bearer was very concerned that his tooth would fall out if he was walking too fast - so I love the picture of him holding the sign ... and his tooth!  They couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous, relaxed, family-oriented wedding!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Vacation Take 2 | Minneapolis, MN

Yesterday was the last day of our family summer vacation(s).  We took the kids to the Minnesota Zoo.  Tatum has been begging and begging to see a live owl up close and personal ... but every zoo we have went to says they have owls, but then they end up not being on exhibit.  So this time, we covered our basis and got in touch with the zoo and told them the predicament.  The zoo was awesome - and they said to come to the bird show and then come down afterwards and they would make sure she saw an owl.  So, after the show, we headed down, and they brought out an owl just for her and then answered all of her questions, and let her come up right beside him and get some pictures.  She was BEYOND thrilled - and now she wants to do the same with a snow owl.  Then it was off to Rochester for our convention ... and home to an awesome colorful sky.

Today it's back to real life - Tyson to overtime and me to my 20+ seniors I need to schedule.  Goodbye summer!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Vacation | Peoria-Springfield, IL & St Louis-Stanton, MO

We have been home for about two weeks, but I finally got semi-organized again.  We just spent a week visiting family and touring Illinois and Missouri. 

Day 1 we ended up in Eureka, IL (which Tegan was so shocked that Eureka was not just a word, but a town too) and headed over to stay at my Aunt's house in Peoria.  We figured this would break up the drive a little for the kids and well, my cousin had 5 week old PUPPIES at her house - so you can imagine what the kids did the whole time we were there.

Day 2 we headed to Springfield, IL where we stopped downtown and saw the capital and Abe Lincoln's neighborhood.  It was a spur of the moment decision to stop in Springfield and when we got there, we ended up running into Tegan's Kindergarten teacher.  400 miles from home and we end up on the same tour!   It's such a small world.  We took the kids on historic route 66 ... which means a lot to them because that's all they talk about in the movie Cars.

The first night we were in St Louis we drove around downtown just so the kids could see the Arch.  We stopped at the Cardinals Stadium and then had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.  New Kids On The Block were playing a concert next door - so downtown was a little crazy.  (Who knew NKOTB was still popular?!) 

Day 3 we spent at the zoo.  St Louis Zoo is ... HUGE.  We spent about 6 hours there and we probably didn't see it all.  Ironically the only reason we chose St Louis in the first place was because the zoo has 5 owls on display (all 5 which were not on display when we got there).  Thankfully there were other cool animals to keep Tatum's interest.  The baby elephants were a hit ... as was the hippo and the rhino.  But the biggest hit was probably the sting ray section.  You could go into the pool and pet the sting rays, who would also splash you every once and awhile.  Tate wasn't too sure about that - but after some reassuring that if you look around, no one else had lost an arm yet - we got her to touch them.  And then she wouldn't let go.  We rode the train, the carousal, saw Yogi Bear in a 4D movie experience, and of course, there happened to be a Build A Bear right in the middle of the zoo. 

The Arch was next.  The waiting was what almost killed the deal.  The closer we got to getting in the elevator - the more panicked Tate became.  Then we got in the elevator and on the way up started the I'M GOING TO PUKE.  Teag on the other hand was bouncing off the walls and saying - isn't this fun Tate?!  I was surprised Tate looked out the windows!  She walked all the way across and all the way back and said - let's go back down.  Needless to say, I don't think she will be going back BUT she can cross that off her bucket list.

Day 4 we went to the city museum (which if you have children who like to run, crawl, jump, climb, etc - you need to take them there!).  This museum is awesomeness and with a 3 story and a 10 story slide, you can probably imagine why.  We did the 3 story slide - the 10 story slide wasn't quite up to Tate's standards and Teag was afraid he would get lost on the way down (I mean you go in the top and come out the bottom - I suppose it could happen?!)  Now, if you know someone holding their wedding reception at the City Museum ballroom - tell them to give me a yell!  I so want to shoot a wedding there.  It's gorgeous!

Lunch was at Fitz's Brewing Company where they make the world's largest root beer float.  Oh, and they make the root beer that goes with it too.  Ironically - the stuff they make the root beer with comes from Wisconsin.  The food was delish and I would definitely go there again!  After that, we headed a little bit more south and went to Stanton, Mo where Meremac Caverns is.  This is one of the largest cave systems in the US and there was something the guide was saying about certain rocks thy had being only in three places in the world (but I wasn't listening at that point).  The kids really liked the cave and thought the tour was neat.

Days 5 & 6 we spent in Illinois visiting family.  The kids got to see their cousins, I got to see my Aunts and Uncles.  So now that we have taken the kids to the major cities around us - next year we head either out east or out west.  Hmmm ... better start planning.