Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hudson 2yr & Sawyer 6m | Sparta, WI Photographer

Hudson & Sawyer are regulars at our studio ... although I do believe this is the 1st time we have actually shot outside (except for once when Hudson wasn't walking yet).  Hudson is 2 and he is quite the little ham.  He loves trains, tractors, and cookies (who doesn't)!  It's amazing what a train whistle app on your iPhone can do to make the smiles happen!  Sawyer just turned 6 months and she is quite the little lady.  She didn't mind the grass (which is a big plus since this year almost all of our kids have hated it).  The tutus were made by My Mommy Boutique.  Seriously - if you are ever in need of a tutu, give her a call.  She's in Tomah and she can make anything!

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