Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chalkboard Mini Sessions | Tomah, WI Photographer

We are getting ready to head off a week of chalkboard mini sessions (among some of regular family & senior sessions).  Chalkboard mini's are a unique way of doing school pictures.  I, for one, am not big on the school pictures that are offered in our local elementary school (yes, I suppose being a photographer could have something to do with that) ... however, we do them every year just so we can get a yearbook.  This year, we are doing something different!  Of course, we are getting the yearbook - however, for here at home we are hanging these chalkboard images.

There's a million different ways to do them (just browse pinterest) and you can choose whether you vertical or horizontal plus what you want you wording to say.  The best thing about these is that they are a unique way of keeping track of things like what your kids loved in 2nd grade, what their favorite book was in 5th grade, what they wanted to be when they were in 1st grade vs 4th grade, oh and of course, they help you remember what they looked like!

We will have the chalkboard background permanently - so remember to ask for it at your next session.  However, we are offering the "Back to School" sessions this week - so they are discounted as follows: 

1 outfit - (use your 1st day of school outfit if you can't find anything! :)
20 mins
2 - 5x7 images and 5 digital images
$25+tax (addt'l child from same family / same session - $10 ea addt'l)

That's it - it's pretty simple :)  And here's a few examples (these three are best friends so they requested theirs all look the same - but you can do it however you want):

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