Monday, July 9, 2012

Max & Ruby | Tomah, WI Photographer

Words of advice:  Never ... I repeat ... NEVER go to the humane society when you are in mourning!  Harley has been severely missed in our house.  There have been lots of tears and memories ... :(  BUT we decided to fill the Harley-sized holes in all of our hearts with a kitten ... make that 2 kittens.  SO - off to the humane society we went (the Adams Friendship Humane Society) where we met Sage ... (the orange kitty).

Sage walked right up to Tatum and licked her hand and let's just say - there was no way we were leaving without Sage!  There was an all black kitty that I really, really wanted - but the thing was a tad bit psychotic (we could tell already) - so, the nice lady told us about Sleigh Ride (seriously - who names a cat Sleigh Ride ... here sleigh ride, sleigh ride, sleigh ride?!?!).  Sleigh Ride was 9m old and had been at the humane society since February.  Of course, Sleigh Ride seemed mellow and calm ... and he was loving up Tegan - so Sleigh Ride jumped in the crate and came home with us too.

After much discussion (the whole ride home from A/F) we narrowed our names down to three sets:
Tyson's choice - Freddie & Ginger
My choice - Cash & Carter
Teag & Tate's choice - Max & Ruby

Max & Ruby wins (of course, when don't the kids win?!?).  I'm pretty sure Cash & Carter are much cooler names - but I was out voted!  Max (the white one) is the most vocal cat I have ever seen.  He meows when he's hungry, he meows when he's thirsty, he meows when he can't find Ruby, he meows when we walk past him, he meows to hear himself meow ... I think he meows 90% of the day.  Ruby (the orange one) vibrates like crazy.  I have never heard her meow (but why would she need to when Max meows for her?).

Harley is still missed but she's irreplaceable - but Max & Ruby are bringing tons of joy to our house!

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