Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Missing Something | Tomah, WI Photographer

These past couple of days I've really missed my 365 blog and picture of the day.  I've been told by many individuals that they also miss the daily photos and crazy stories.  I get very caught up in shooting my clients and I love keeping myself busy with some sort of project always in the works.  However, I also get so caught up in shooting for others, I start to forget to shoot for myself.  SOOO - I can't guarantee a daily photo (after all - do you know insane it was to shoot  for almost 700 days straight?

I'm going to start with a couple of 31 day challenges and see where that takes me.  Today though - a sneak peak of my engagement session from Saturday.  These two could seriously model for a magazine.  I CAN NOT WAIT TO SHOOT THEIR WEDDING!

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