Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More New Products New Floors | Tomah, WI Photographer

We have more new products at the studio (and still MORE coming)!  We have always used one lab for all our professional prints and we LOVE them.  They deliver 90% of our products the next day after we order (the last 10% - 8% of it comes in two days - 2% of it longer depending on the item) and we have never, ever had a problem with them!  We did decide that two is always better than one - so we added a new lab to our resources.  They are just as amazing - and while not as fast (simply because the items they offer take longer to make) they still make it within the week!

The newest item going on our price list is:  coasters!  These are super cool!  They are heavy duty, come in cork board or marble, and they are going to last you for a long, long time!  One of my awesome brides decided to take the tidbits that made her wedding unique (the cake, the decor, the flowers, the shoes, the rings, etc) and put those images on a coaster.  She spent a lot of time figuring out all the details for her wedding - and now she'll always be able to remember them! 

Next, another new floor!  My toothless son so graciously volunteered (it cost me $5 for him to model).  BUT - I love it!!!

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