Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Products New Floors | Tomah, WI Photographer

I may have been absent for awhile, but trust me, I've been working hard!  As most of you know, we own two businesses - Pichette Photography LLC & TnT Entertainment (our DJ service).  January is a good, slow month with not a lot going on, after all, it's cold here in Wisconsin :)  So, January becomes our "gotta-get-this-LONG-list-of-stuff-that-should-have-been-done-6-months-ago" month.  The biggest thing on the list can be checked off - TAXES!!  WHEW!  Thankfully that is the one thing I actually kept on this year - thank you Quickbooks!!!!

The second biggest thing this year was for TnT Entertainment.  Back in March, we discovered that more than half of our music library was GONE due to a corrupted passport.  I never had time to back everything up at once - so, there were a hundred little backups here and there and in the basement and in the closet and - you get the point.  I now understand the importance of backing up EVERYTHING (music / pictures / videos) and keeping them all in one easy to find place.  So, after importing pretty much EVERY single CD we had into iTunes, converting them from an mp4 to an mp3, and storing them in THREE places - I think we have everything back.  I am thankful that we do have iTunes on our phones now - so it does make it super easy if we actually don't have a song when we are DJing.

And that brings us to number 3, 4, 5 ... 100 on my list.  Hoping to accomplish some of that this next week before life starts to get busy again!  The process of importing and converting music is a waiting game - which thankfully, I am a HUGE multi-tasker.  :)  Online shopping is my friend - I bought a couple of new backdrops and floors - one of which you see in the picture.  AND, I designed one of our new super brag books.  This thing is massive and SUPER cool - so be sure to ask to see it when you come in to the studio!!!

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