Friday, December 30, 2011

day 697 | time to say goodbye

this blog has been an enjoyable project over the course of the last 697 days!  i have loved it, i have hated it .... there have been some UNFORGETTABLE memories!  unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control - there has come to be a certain part of my life that i no longer wish to share.  i have gone back and forth on the subject for the last several months - and i always seem to come to the same answer :(  if there are those who can't share in our lives directly - i don't feel the need to share with them indirectly any longer. 

i will continue to update the blog from the photography aspect of things as much as possible - and i WILL even continue to shoot because i want to! :)  i can't guarantee a daily post - i mean seriously - do you see how far i get behind LOL!  but i promise a couple of times a week!! :)  and i figure the best way to end the personal side of things is .... with us!  (taken by sarah schultz photography)

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