Wednesday, December 28, 2011

day 695 | on top of the world

in my opinion, we saved the best of our trip for the last day!  1st visit - shedd aquarium.  i have been to shedd quite a few times - but seeing my kids love it as much as i do was awesome!  they would just stand there and look forever at the different fish, sharks, snorkeler in the tank.  actually they were a little freaked out by the snorkeler in the tank lol.  at the aquarium, we got to see happy feet in 4d.  what's a 4d film?  well, 3d makes you feel like you're right in the movie, and if that isn't enough - you add 4d which means your seat is moving, you're getting poked in the back, snow is falling in the theater, and when the fish squirts water out - you get squirted in the face from the seat in front of you.  it was a pretty cute deal. 

so, picture 1:  the kids watching the coral reef (how cute is tatums' arm around tanner?!??!?!).  picture 2: some weird looking frog / fish guy.  picture 3:  the JELLIES.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE jelly fish.  they're so peaceful and gorgeous and graceful and deadly!  picture 4:  the beluga whale / dolphin show.  now there is no flash allowed in this aquarium - and those little dolphins were fast little suckers.  SO - you only get to see the beluga whale portion of that show.  we had a front row seat and the penguins walked right in front of us.  it was super cute to see how excited the kids got.

oh, we're not done with our chicago experience!  back on the bus for us and then back downtown where we had lunch underneath the sears tower (the sears tower has been renamed the willis skydeck - but i like the sears tower better - so that's what i'm going to call it).  it was pretty cold and windy (who would have thought it gets windy in the windy city) and the line to wait was halfway around the building - BUT we came to do the sears tower and gosh darn it, we are going to do this thing.  thankfully the line just seemed much longer than it really was and we got in after about 20 minutes.  picture 5:  the sears tower from the bottom.  picture 6:  view out of the sears tower.  i love city views so i LOVED being up there.  well i loved it until i saw planes taking off and landing at o'hare - then i got a little freaked out!  but, like i said - we are doing this haha.  picture 7:  the kids on the ledge.  tatum was NOT going out any further.  picture 8:  tegan isn't afraid of anything - let's do a handstand on the ledge!  picture 9 & 10:  more views from the skydeck. 

after the skydeck we decided to give the kids their FULL chicago experience and let them ride in a taxi.  tegan was FOR SURE we were going to get into an accident.  he says that guy is a CRAZY driver.  and that my friends - brings us to the end of chicago (for this year). 

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