Tuesday, December 27, 2011

day 694 | walk 500 miles

day two of our chicago trip can pretty much be summed up with a song .... "i would walk 500 miles"!  but, to give our children a true chicago experience - first, let's take the L into the city.  picture 1: the kids waiting for the L, pictures 2-4: the kids on the L. i find it amusing they all have the same expression on their faces.  picture 5 makes me smile - what city experience isn't complete without a park filled with pigeons?  from there - we get on a crowded bus (another city experience that you can't live without) and it was pretty crowded so there are no pictures of this event! 

picture 6:  my kids standing in front of the sun (not the literal sun silly - it's a replica :) at adler planetarium.  picture 7:  tanner thinks we're walking WAAAAAAY too much and he needs a FAFFLE (also known as a waffle)!  then it was off to visit sue in picture 8:  the dinosaur!  i am completely okay with NEVER going to the field museum again.  it was nice to see animals in a zoo setting without the zoo smell ... but the animals don't move so you can't sit there for hours and stare at them.  AND the gems were nice - but seriously - unless you're buying them for me (and i don't even wear gems) i'm not really that interested. it's neat to see how people in other parts of the world live - but unless i'm really in their world - i lose interest.  AND a mummy burial site is pretty cool - but seriously - it's dirt with a hole in it where the mummy was.  i can dig a hole in my backyard and be pretty much just as amused.  so it was super neat to see - but i've seen it and now it's time to move on. 

the kids actually liked the underground world where you shrink to the size of an ant and see how everything looks from their perspective - and i did think that was definitely something you could remember.  BUT we all know WHY you go to the field museum!!!!  it's to see the dinosaur bones - and my kids were pretty darn THRILLED with that.  of course - who wouldn't be.  they were giant animals with super cool names that i can't even pronounce - that's how cool they are!  did i mention how much walking we had to do?

after our trip to the field museum - we checked out soldier field while we waited for our bus.  the morning bus was crowded - the evening bus was overflowing.  i seriously didn't think we were going to get on this bus without some definite personal space invasion - but my kids were already jumping on so we jumped and never looked back.  i got to meet some downtown chicago people up CLOSE and personal!  the L was just as packed (i guess we should have thought out leaving the museum at rush hour a little better) but it's the memories we made PEOPLE!  how can you take your kids on a chicago experience and not experience the bus, the L, the insane amount of walking .... ah, a taxi!  we will save that for tomorrow!  picture 9:  the skyline from the field museum.  AND picture 10:  our view from our hotel (with some nice not so clean window film for you to view).  :)

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