Monday, December 26, 2011

day 693 | chicago

every year we give tegan (and this year tatum) a choice of what they want to do over winter break.  this year we gave them the choice of going to a packer game or going to chicago.  to my surprise (you read just a couple of days ago about tegan's sports obsession) they chose chicago. 

so, here is day 1 ... arriving in the city.  the kids were in awe of the buildings as we drove by them.  one of the best things was that tegan & tatum got to go with two of their best friends ... sawyer & tanner - so right away we met up with them at the museum of science and industry.  there are a MILLION things to see at that museum ranging from a huge city and train station, a boeing 747, a train, a submarine, dr. seuess, a whole wing on weather, the ability to walk through a tornado, the body experience, cloned animals, the circus, the farm, a make your own toy exhibit, a fairy princess castle, a body and all about you (including all your organs displayed in super neat form) and there isn't any possible way i could list the enormous amount of things there. 

when i asked the kids what their favorite part was - they both said the babies.  there is an exhibit that has babies from every single week of pregnancy - starting right at the beginning.  the kids couldn't take their eyes off of them.  my favorite thing was week 8 where it actually had the amniotic sac and the embryo ... tatum says, "what's going on here?!?"  they also LOVED the body exhibits - for instance seeing your brain, and your lungs - they were just intrigued!  they definitely learned A LOT!

and i PROMISE more pictures for the rest of our trip - however, day 1 has been exhausting!  the 4th picture shows the baby, the 5th picture shows all of our blood vessels, the 6th picture is of sawyer & tegan playing with electricity in the weather exhibit, and the last picture is of the train city.

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