Friday, December 23, 2011

day 690 | sporty spice

tyson and i have created a MONSTER!  tegan could not find his madden nfl game today and was about to have a heart attack right there on the spot.  i, being the problem-solving mother that i am, told him to play a different madden game and i was pretty sure madden 12 would turn up.  NO!  i got a 12 minute lecture on how different each madden game is and how important it is that we find madden 12!  okay - i understand that the packers won the super bowl so obviously - madden 12 would be the most important nfl game EVER - but, i'm pretty sure that if you throw the ball where the little x's and o's and triangles are - you can beat whatever team you want to beat whether it be madden 09, 03, 12, whatever!!!!  well needless to say - we found it.  we also found these other games underneath the couch, in the couch cushions, behind the piano music, etc etc etc and i realized what a sports fanatic we have.  ACK - time to figure something out and quick ....

BUT then i realized it's just too late.  tyson came home and turned on the cardinals and (bengals?) game (let's face it - i don't really know who's playing unless it's a. the packers, b. the bears, c. the badgers, d. the super bowl, or e the vikings losing).  there was about 2 minutes in the game and tegan proceeded to tell me all the possible outcomes in the game.  like for instance if the cardinals throw deep for a touchdown and then do a 2point conversion - they could win the game.  but when the cardinals threw deep and missed - he said, well it's too late for them, there simply isn't enough time left in the game for them to win now .... i realized - i can use this to my advantage.  like for instance, MATH!!!  if the packers have a score of 14 and the vikings have a score of 3, how many points to the vikings need to win?  it's a sure way to get him to love math (as if he doesn't already)!! :)

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