Wednesday, December 21, 2011

day 688 | snowflake & handwriting

do remember the part where i warned you that these next several weeks may be boring pictures?  well this is what i've got.  :)  i've had the flu so i'm back-tracking.  yes, the nasty, why the heck did i bother getting a flu shot, someone is stepping on my lungs, FLU!  spent most of the day in bed with a heating blanket.  PLUS, i'm off for TWO weeks - so this is it.  no more excuses - this is like a week in my normal life.  HAHA.  tegan's snowflake hand print he brought home today .... he looks like he's on crack in the picture (i'm sure the school only owns a point and shoot) - but the snowflake hand thing is definitely a keeper :)  and for a bonus picture - check out my little bug's handwriting!  i'm not sure what a snoofy snowman is - but i'm pretty sure it's a word!!!  pretty good for the 1st grade :)

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