Wednesday, December 14, 2011

day 681 | rochester

today was QUITE the day.  tegan had his six month checkup at mayo.  crazy that it has been six months since his last surgery.  couldn't see anything the whole day up because the fog was so bad and it rained the whole way.  almost got into a car accident in downtown rochester because tegan and tatum were fighting and i didn't see the car STOP in front of me.  AND couldn't see anything but white lines in the middle of the road on the way home because it was so foggy and POURING down rain.  POURING - as in buckets.  thank goodness that's all done until next summer!!!  so here is my picture for the day.  it was taken this fall - but i love it.  i've been trying to pick out pictures for my business cards and this is one of them!! :)

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