Tuesday, December 6, 2011

day 673 | iPhone

verizon got sick of dealing with me and offered me early release out of my contract if i would just upgrade to a new phone.  i guess sending me 7 original droids was pushing their limits.  so into the verizon store we went where i sat and stared at the phones for about an hour.  i have phone commitment phobia!  two years is a long time to be stuck with a phone you hate!

i walked out with the droid razr - which is a pretty awesome little phone!  or should i say big phone.  by the end of the 1st night i had a hand cramp because the screen was too large to hold with one hand.  it was amazingly fast and had features i loved - but within the 1st day - i was already having some problems with it.  like not wanting to connect to internet, etc.

so back to verizon - where this time i had made up my mind beforehand and knew it was just best if i stayed home.  so i sent tyson to verizon.  this time it was the iPhone 4s and i had to wait FOREVER for delivery (they said up to 2 weeks).  to my surprise - it came today (2 days later).  my little world just got a whole lot better.  i was in love within the 1st hour - and i'm still in love.  for those of you who have siri - you understand why i'm in love!!  (and if you have siri - tell her you love it when she calls you big poppa)  HAHA

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