Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Of 2011

It was almost impossible to narrow down 2011 into 48 photos!  In fact, I could almost fill up two more collages just like this with all of my favorite images from the year.  2011 was an AWESOME year fro the business!  We accomplished 19 weddings, 143 sessions, and it's nice to hear Pichette Photography becoming a name people know around the area.  Just this week, we had several people at the bank, at the store, and even while getting our hair cut, tell us that they loved our images.

We hope that 2012 will be just as awesome and from the looks of the sessions & weddings we have lined up, it will be!  We appreciate each and every single one of our customers for recommending us and for keeping us as your photographer! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

day 697 | time to say goodbye

this blog has been an enjoyable project over the course of the last 697 days!  i have loved it, i have hated it .... there have been some UNFORGETTABLE memories!  unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control - there has come to be a certain part of my life that i no longer wish to share.  i have gone back and forth on the subject for the last several months - and i always seem to come to the same answer :(  if there are those who can't share in our lives directly - i don't feel the need to share with them indirectly any longer. 

i will continue to update the blog from the photography aspect of things as much as possible - and i WILL even continue to shoot because i want to! :)  i can't guarantee a daily post - i mean seriously - do you see how far i get behind LOL!  but i promise a couple of times a week!! :)  and i figure the best way to end the personal side of things is .... with us!  (taken by sarah schultz photography)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

day 696 | back to work

okay - i worked one day over winter break :)  got the perfect light snow fall too.  snowflakes + perfect lighting + green bay packers jersey + LOVE = i heart this picture!!!  the rest of the day shall be spent recuperating from vacation LOL!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

day 695 | on top of the world

in my opinion, we saved the best of our trip for the last day!  1st visit - shedd aquarium.  i have been to shedd quite a few times - but seeing my kids love it as much as i do was awesome!  they would just stand there and look forever at the different fish, sharks, snorkeler in the tank.  actually they were a little freaked out by the snorkeler in the tank lol.  at the aquarium, we got to see happy feet in 4d.  what's a 4d film?  well, 3d makes you feel like you're right in the movie, and if that isn't enough - you add 4d which means your seat is moving, you're getting poked in the back, snow is falling in the theater, and when the fish squirts water out - you get squirted in the face from the seat in front of you.  it was a pretty cute deal. 

so, picture 1:  the kids watching the coral reef (how cute is tatums' arm around tanner?!??!?!).  picture 2: some weird looking frog / fish guy.  picture 3:  the JELLIES.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE jelly fish.  they're so peaceful and gorgeous and graceful and deadly!  picture 4:  the beluga whale / dolphin show.  now there is no flash allowed in this aquarium - and those little dolphins were fast little suckers.  SO - you only get to see the beluga whale portion of that show.  we had a front row seat and the penguins walked right in front of us.  it was super cute to see how excited the kids got.

oh, we're not done with our chicago experience!  back on the bus for us and then back downtown where we had lunch underneath the sears tower (the sears tower has been renamed the willis skydeck - but i like the sears tower better - so that's what i'm going to call it).  it was pretty cold and windy (who would have thought it gets windy in the windy city) and the line to wait was halfway around the building - BUT we came to do the sears tower and gosh darn it, we are going to do this thing.  thankfully the line just seemed much longer than it really was and we got in after about 20 minutes.  picture 5:  the sears tower from the bottom.  picture 6:  view out of the sears tower.  i love city views so i LOVED being up there.  well i loved it until i saw planes taking off and landing at o'hare - then i got a little freaked out!  but, like i said - we are doing this haha.  picture 7:  the kids on the ledge.  tatum was NOT going out any further.  picture 8:  tegan isn't afraid of anything - let's do a handstand on the ledge!  picture 9 & 10:  more views from the skydeck. 

after the skydeck we decided to give the kids their FULL chicago experience and let them ride in a taxi.  tegan was FOR SURE we were going to get into an accident.  he says that guy is a CRAZY driver.  and that my friends - brings us to the end of chicago (for this year). 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

day 694 | walk 500 miles

day two of our chicago trip can pretty much be summed up with a song .... "i would walk 500 miles"!  but, to give our children a true chicago experience - first, let's take the L into the city.  picture 1: the kids waiting for the L, pictures 2-4: the kids on the L. i find it amusing they all have the same expression on their faces.  picture 5 makes me smile - what city experience isn't complete without a park filled with pigeons?  from there - we get on a crowded bus (another city experience that you can't live without) and it was pretty crowded so there are no pictures of this event! 

picture 6:  my kids standing in front of the sun (not the literal sun silly - it's a replica :) at adler planetarium.  picture 7:  tanner thinks we're walking WAAAAAAY too much and he needs a FAFFLE (also known as a waffle)!  then it was off to visit sue in picture 8:  the dinosaur!  i am completely okay with NEVER going to the field museum again.  it was nice to see animals in a zoo setting without the zoo smell ... but the animals don't move so you can't sit there for hours and stare at them.  AND the gems were nice - but seriously - unless you're buying them for me (and i don't even wear gems) i'm not really that interested. it's neat to see how people in other parts of the world live - but unless i'm really in their world - i lose interest.  AND a mummy burial site is pretty cool - but seriously - it's dirt with a hole in it where the mummy was.  i can dig a hole in my backyard and be pretty much just as amused.  so it was super neat to see - but i've seen it and now it's time to move on. 

the kids actually liked the underground world where you shrink to the size of an ant and see how everything looks from their perspective - and i did think that was definitely something you could remember.  BUT we all know WHY you go to the field museum!!!!  it's to see the dinosaur bones - and my kids were pretty darn THRILLED with that.  of course - who wouldn't be.  they were giant animals with super cool names that i can't even pronounce - that's how cool they are!  did i mention how much walking we had to do?

after our trip to the field museum - we checked out soldier field while we waited for our bus.  the morning bus was crowded - the evening bus was overflowing.  i seriously didn't think we were going to get on this bus without some definite personal space invasion - but my kids were already jumping on so we jumped and never looked back.  i got to meet some downtown chicago people up CLOSE and personal!  the L was just as packed (i guess we should have thought out leaving the museum at rush hour a little better) but it's the memories we made PEOPLE!  how can you take your kids on a chicago experience and not experience the bus, the L, the insane amount of walking .... ah, a taxi!  we will save that for tomorrow!  picture 9:  the skyline from the field museum.  AND picture 10:  our view from our hotel (with some nice not so clean window film for you to view).  :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

day 693 | chicago

every year we give tegan (and this year tatum) a choice of what they want to do over winter break.  this year we gave them the choice of going to a packer game or going to chicago.  to my surprise (you read just a couple of days ago about tegan's sports obsession) they chose chicago. 

so, here is day 1 ... arriving in the city.  the kids were in awe of the buildings as we drove by them.  one of the best things was that tegan & tatum got to go with two of their best friends ... sawyer & tanner - so right away we met up with them at the museum of science and industry.  there are a MILLION things to see at that museum ranging from a huge city and train station, a boeing 747, a train, a submarine, dr. seuess, a whole wing on weather, the ability to walk through a tornado, the body experience, cloned animals, the circus, the farm, a make your own toy exhibit, a fairy princess castle, a body and all about you (including all your organs displayed in super neat form) and there isn't any possible way i could list the enormous amount of things there. 

when i asked the kids what their favorite part was - they both said the babies.  there is an exhibit that has babies from every single week of pregnancy - starting right at the beginning.  the kids couldn't take their eyes off of them.  my favorite thing was week 8 where it actually had the amniotic sac and the embryo ... tatum says, "what's going on here?!?"  they also LOVED the body exhibits - for instance seeing your brain, and your lungs - they were just intrigued!  they definitely learned A LOT!

and i PROMISE more pictures for the rest of our trip - however, day 1 has been exhausting!  the 4th picture shows the baby, the 5th picture shows all of our blood vessels, the 6th picture is of sawyer & tegan playing with electricity in the weather exhibit, and the last picture is of the train city.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

day 692 | lights

almost a typical sunday for us .... meeting, lunch, football.  today we went to tyson's grandparents for lunch and played a couple of rounds of cards.  then home and finished picking up the house.  THEN football!!  tomorrow - VACATION! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

day 691 | operation owl room

i get at least 1 or 2 emails a day from family, friends, awesome clients, etc who ALL have my daughter's best interests at heart.  these emails are always featuring some adorable owl decoration, owl pillow pet, owl statue, owl this, owl that - OWLS!  everyone thinks tatum NEEDS to have an owl room (and for this - i blame no one else than GRANDPA).  i'm sending him the bill for all these cute owl items since he's the one that got tatum a little obsessed.  however, over the course of the last few months - tatum's operation owl room is COMPLETE. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

day 690 | sporty spice

tyson and i have created a MONSTER!  tegan could not find his madden nfl game today and was about to have a heart attack right there on the spot.  i, being the problem-solving mother that i am, told him to play a different madden game and i was pretty sure madden 12 would turn up.  NO!  i got a 12 minute lecture on how different each madden game is and how important it is that we find madden 12!  okay - i understand that the packers won the super bowl so obviously - madden 12 would be the most important nfl game EVER - but, i'm pretty sure that if you throw the ball where the little x's and o's and triangles are - you can beat whatever team you want to beat whether it be madden 09, 03, 12, whatever!!!!  well needless to say - we found it.  we also found these other games underneath the couch, in the couch cushions, behind the piano music, etc etc etc and i realized what a sports fanatic we have.  ACK - time to figure something out and quick ....

BUT then i realized it's just too late.  tyson came home and turned on the cardinals and (bengals?) game (let's face it - i don't really know who's playing unless it's a. the packers, b. the bears, c. the badgers, d. the super bowl, or e the vikings losing).  there was about 2 minutes in the game and tegan proceeded to tell me all the possible outcomes in the game.  like for instance if the cardinals throw deep for a touchdown and then do a 2point conversion - they could win the game.  but when the cardinals threw deep and missed - he said, well it's too late for them, there simply isn't enough time left in the game for them to win now .... i realized - i can use this to my advantage.  like for instance, MATH!!!  if the packers have a score of 14 and the vikings have a score of 3, how many points to the vikings need to win?  it's a sure way to get him to love math (as if he doesn't already)!! :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

day 689 | i abhor cotton balls

i am finding these all over the house and i am pretty sure they are coming from ONE little girl who has suddenly developed a crafty side.  i ABHOR cotton balls.  they are creepy.  i cannot touch cotton balls - i don't care if they're colored cotton balls or white cotton balls - they are CREEPY!!!!!!  she has a MILLION of them.  tatum says she is making a present for her grandmas - so as a message to her grandmas - come and get your creepy present so we can get rid of these cotton balls!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

day 688 | snowflake & handwriting

do remember the part where i warned you that these next several weeks may be boring pictures?  well this is what i've got.  :)  i've had the flu so i'm back-tracking.  yes, the nasty, why the heck did i bother getting a flu shot, someone is stepping on my lungs, FLU!  spent most of the day in bed with a heating blanket.  PLUS, i'm off for TWO weeks - so this is it.  no more excuses - this is like a week in my normal life.  HAHA.  tegan's snowflake hand print he brought home today .... he looks like he's on crack in the picture (i'm sure the school only owns a point and shoot) - but the snowflake hand thing is definitely a keeper :)  and for a bonus picture - check out my little bug's handwriting!  i'm not sure what a snoofy snowman is - but i'm pretty sure it's a word!!!  pretty good for the 1st grade :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

day 687 | timberpups

spent the afternoon at tatum's school.  today we decorated the gingerbread men.  see that awesome shirt tatum's wearing - :)  gotta love gymboree and they're ability to match almost any topic that you could possibly learn about that the tomah timberpups school! :)  after spending two days with a bunch of 4 & 5 year olds - i have a special place in my heart for 4k teachers.  i could NEVER be a teacher!!  i need a nap!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

day 686 | don't hate me because ....

don't hate me because i'm beautiful ... that's all that needs to be said about harley in this picture!  we spent the weekend in viroqua this last weekend.  turns out it's been THREE years since our family has went to visit down there (as a family).  lol.  oops!!  we had a delicious dinner, watched the packer game (it's okay that they lost - they need to rest up for the playoffs), and played an epic game of hand and foot.  and what's the best part of this deal?!?!?  in 11 days - we get to do it all again, only this time - tomah style! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

day 685 | rock candy

okay - i warned you that i was enjoying my time at home and technically on vacation.  this is what it's come to.  i am not picking up my camera for anything (have i mentioned how heavy it is)?  so, today i thought i better take a picture of something to prove that i do still take pictures.  ROCK CANDY.  my mother inlaw brought this home for the kids after their trip to florida.  thankfully - my kids didn't know what to do with it.  so, i ate it!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

day 684 | gingerbreadness

tatum's gingerbread man (or woman?) she made at school.  i love how all of her gingerbread people have amazing hair!  and tegan's gingerbread house from school.  they are begging to make gingerbread people over winter break - so we shall see how that goes!  first, we have to make gingerbread boys and girls at tatum's school this week - then we'll see if we're daring enough to do it at home :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

day 683 | slacker

i have turned into a MAJOR slacker.  today's schedule was completely EMPTY!  it's the first time that has happened in over a year.  there was no appointments, no editing, my house was clean, my laundry was semi-caught up, my kids were in school - peace and quiet!!  i did not do anything - including not picking up a camera.  however, this was on my iPhone from the other day.  i kind of like the way the raindrops look like film grain.  oh, and fair warning - this is probably the kind of images you will get until the end of the year.  i'm enjoying my time at home :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

day 682 | business cards

i have been such a slacker in the marketing area of our business.  having a bazillion things to do all summer / fall - i didn't accomplish what i wanted.  BUT - now i'm on vacation :)  time to get caught up on all the little things that make our businesses run.  step 1 - business cards and gift certificates.  narrowing down my favorites has been horrible ... and then making sure i have enough ratio of boys vs girls / etc. ... even more difficult.  lol.  but this was my final choice.  the nice thing is i can flip out the pictures and change them whenever i choose!! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

day 681 | rochester

today was QUITE the day.  tegan had his six month checkup at mayo.  crazy that it has been six months since his last surgery.  couldn't see anything the whole day up because the fog was so bad and it rained the whole way.  almost got into a car accident in downtown rochester because tegan and tatum were fighting and i didn't see the car STOP in front of me.  AND couldn't see anything but white lines in the middle of the road on the way home because it was so foggy and POURING down rain.  POURING - as in buckets.  thank goodness that's all done until next summer!!!  so here is my picture for the day.  it was taken this fall - but i love it.  i've been trying to pick out pictures for my business cards and this is one of them!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

day 680 | aiden

aiden.  look at that smile!  it's cuteness and mischievousness all wrapped up that adorable little freckle-faced kid!  aiden is 8!  his mom and i went to school together back in viroqua ... AND we were next door neighbors.  i had a lot of fun telling him how crazy his mom was back in the day :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

day 679 | blue eyes

lots of blue eyed babies :)  miss ella and sir karter.  how adorable are they?