Tuesday, November 29, 2011

day 666 | addendum

i want to add an addendum to the things i am thankful for ... or not thankful for :)  i am not thankful for my droid - it has issues.  in fact, this is droid #7 in two years.  me and technology to NOT get along.  which is why directv and my droid can be in the same category.

words with friends is also not something i am thankful for - in fact i HATE it!!  i am a word nerd .... i love boggle or any other type of word game except for scrabble (or anything similar). i do not like to be told where i can put my word.  it annoys me!!!!!!  so why do i play?  i play for one of my BFF's.  it brings us closer together!  well it did until she got a 96 point word - and now i'm just even more annoyed :P  so when you see me checking my phone constantly during the day - this is probably what i am doing.  i am probably cursing in my head at what stupid word i am supposed to make with those stupid letters it just gave me.  stupid game.

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