Thursday, November 24, 2011

day 661 | trippette day

today was our 4th annual trippette day!  in case you have forgot - the tripp's and the pichette's make up the trippette's.  although my parents come too - so i don't know how they fit in our little name lingo.  lately, tyson and i have been spending a lot of time trying to avoid family.  it seems the annual trippette day was just what we needed!!

there was an amazing meal - which turned into just eating all day!!  there were games - euchre, 500, just dance 2, and guitar hero.  the packers BEAT the lions (okay beat is not necessarily what happened - it was more like MAULED the lions).  and hilarious non-stop laughter is always on hand!

all of that brings us to .... i don't believe that i need one day to be thankful.  i am just as thankful the other 364 days (365 days on leap year).  however, if i had to say right at this moment what i am thankful for ....

1)  i am thankful for inside jokes.  the jokes that you can think about when no one else is around and you start laughing your fool head off.  the jokes that you can retell time and again and they are just as funny the millionth time as they were the first time!

2)  i am thankful for schwan's sundae cones.  those should be a given.  but those things are amazing.

3)  i am thankful for amazing lifelong friends who are there for you no matter what.  the kind of friends that you have had for 10+ years and you never fight.  the friends who know everything about you and they're still your friends!!  the friends who know that bedtime is at 10pm (or earlier) and you're not kicking them out - it's just bedtime.  

4) i am thankful for family.  this has been a hard one lately.  but, i am thankful for the family who knows that there are times when you can't make it on your own but they still stand by your side.  the family who does what's right even when it feels wrong.  the family that goes out of their way to make you feel like you're more than just family - you're friends!

5)  i am thankful for canon, hp, and adobe - they make my photography come to life. :)  i am thankful for dr pepper - it makes the whole day better.  i am thankful for madden 12 and super mario brothers - they make my children happy.  i am thankful for nissan, and fishing - that makes my husband happy.  i am thankful that my children have AMAZING teachers - i couldn't have handpicked better ones for them.  i am not thankful for directv - they make me angry!  i am also not thankful for the tomah area credit untion (TACU) - they make me angry too!  i am not quite sure if i am thankful that my daughter decided to LOVE owls the year everything has an owl on it - owls are costing me a small fortune.  i am thankful that the packers are doing an amazing job because i'm pretty sure my mother's health depends on it!

6)  and the obvious givens that EVERYONE says .... i am thankful for my life, my home, my family, my friends, my awesome clients, pretty sunsets, fall, and beautiful countrysides. :)

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