Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day 660 | who missed me

let me start off this blog by saying ... I DID NOT TAKE THIS PICTURE!! :)  the amazing sarah schultz photography did this - however, it is my adorable children :)  i must say - my children were amazingly cooperative.  amazingly!!  they are touching each other and not screaming - this is amazing!!! :)  well this is my FAVORITE image out of all of them.  miss tatum is FIVE and teagster is SEVEN.  craziness.

alright - so i have been informed by several today that i have not been blogging regularly.  so for that - i am sorry!  it has been a LONG weekend.  amazingly fun - but long!!  so long in fact - i had to take a nap today! :)  don't worry - i will catch up in the next day or two.  until then - you'll just have to be filled with anticipation ;)

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