Tuesday, November 22, 2011

day 659 | chris & alejandra married

let me start off by saying ... this is probably one of the LONGEST blog posts ever.  okay - the most photos from me anyway.  we've been working with chris & alejandra over the course of the last year - wedding consults, engagement pictures, the wedding - and we've gotten to know them pretty well!  all in all, we ended up with over 1500 pictures between two cameras.  we took those images and narrowed it down to just shy of 700 final images.  there wasn't a moment of this wedding that wasn't shot lol.  and although to most 700 images sounds like A LOT of images - that's less than 100 images an hour.  i can shoot 100 images in about 15 minutes - so i'd say that's pretty good lol.  narrowing those 700 images down to a few favorites = COMPLICATED!  this 1st image is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites EVER from a wedding.  do you like my random capitalization?!?  that's how much i LOVE it :)

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