Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 654 | what to wear

i promise that soon, VERY soon i will get back to my dr pepper obsessions, my insane stories, posting some pictures of my children, a few rants, and the usual :)  the month of october, i only took three pictures that i wasn't hired to take.  THREE.  that's an all-time low.  november hasn't been much better.  so december - that's mostly what you're going to get. :)  but because i actually had to clean my house today, pay some bills, and file some paperwork - tonight you get WHAT TO WEAR!  i have no idea who to give credit for this picture to.  it was found on my new pinterest obsession (obsession doesn't even BEGIN to describe). 

oh, and as a side note - parent / teacher conferences were perfect.  grades were perfect, tests were perfect, children were mostly perfect, blah blah blah :)  tegan is getting moved into advanced on math, offers to clean up (WHO is this kid?!?), and is overall a joy to have in class.  tatum is mostly proficient, gets along perfectly with others, AND isn't bossy (which REALLY surprises me)!  makes this mama proud.

now go back to looking at what you are supposed to wear for pictures ;) 

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