Wednesday, November 30, 2011

day 667 | michelle heart rick

woohoo!  i did it.  i finished editing my last wedding before december 1st :)  now just a few more sessions to catch up ... and 6 sessions to shoot this weekend and we are wrapping up the year :)  oh - check out that minister - he's INTENSE! lol.these are just a few of my favorites out of the almost 500 images.  michelle had the perfect winter skies - and let me tell you it was FREEZING and WINDY.  she held up really well!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

day 666 | addendum

i want to add an addendum to the things i am thankful for ... or not thankful for :)  i am not thankful for my droid - it has issues.  in fact, this is droid #7 in two years.  me and technology to NOT get along.  which is why directv and my droid can be in the same category.

words with friends is also not something i am thankful for - in fact i HATE it!!  i am a word nerd .... i love boggle or any other type of word game except for scrabble (or anything similar). i do not like to be told where i can put my word.  it annoys me!!!!!!  so why do i play?  i play for one of my BFF's.  it brings us closer together!  well it did until she got a 96 point word - and now i'm just even more annoyed :P  so when you see me checking my phone constantly during the day - this is probably what i am doing.  i am probably cursing in my head at what stupid word i am supposed to make with those stupid letters it just gave me.  stupid game.

Monday, November 28, 2011

day 665 | back to work

back to work.  back to editing!  my goal is to have this wedding finished by december 1st.  it's going to happen!!!!  it helps that life went back to being quiet today.  tys went back to work, the kids went back to school, harley is laying on my floor belly up ... life is good!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

day 664 | family

today was all about family.  and inlaws.  lol.  we started out the day by heading to black river falls for the meeting, had lunch with family, and finished out the day at the bowling alley.  it was nice.  quiet.  back to normal.

if you've been following the blog over the last couple of days - you know the photo credit for my photo of the day goes to SARAH SCHULTZ PHOTOGRAPHY.  there were some complications with the images so we have a redo session scheduled.  it happens!  and although i can't make larger prints of these images - i do love how they turned out and i am hoping my second session goes just as awesome!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

day 663 | crash & burn

today we come to the part of the weekend that is also known as "crash & burn."   the tryptophan has kicked in, a cold is nestling in my lungs, and i need a nap!!! thankfully i did catch some z's while tyson & david were watching all the kids.  i could have sworn they were playing rock band by the bass in my bedroom - turns out they were just watching "top gear."  woke up feeling absolutely miserable but just in time to have dinner with tyson's side of the family.  more turkey = more tryptophan = definitely need to go back to bed :)  haha.  i did start editing a little bit on my last wedding for the year.  that's my goal for this week!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

day 662 | princesses

today was all about this munchkin and her NEED for princesses.  jessica and i met elizabeth and took the girls to see disney princesses live.  the girls were THRILLED!!  the show was cute.  after the show - we met the boys and decided to go swimming.  the one nice thing about thanksgiving weekend - the pool was pretty empty! :) 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

day 661 | trippette day

today was our 4th annual trippette day!  in case you have forgot - the tripp's and the pichette's make up the trippette's.  although my parents come too - so i don't know how they fit in our little name lingo.  lately, tyson and i have been spending a lot of time trying to avoid family.  it seems the annual trippette day was just what we needed!!

there was an amazing meal - which turned into just eating all day!!  there were games - euchre, 500, just dance 2, and guitar hero.  the packers BEAT the lions (okay beat is not necessarily what happened - it was more like MAULED the lions).  and hilarious non-stop laughter is always on hand!

all of that brings us to .... i don't believe that i need one day to be thankful.  i am just as thankful the other 364 days (365 days on leap year).  however, if i had to say right at this moment what i am thankful for ....

1)  i am thankful for inside jokes.  the jokes that you can think about when no one else is around and you start laughing your fool head off.  the jokes that you can retell time and again and they are just as funny the millionth time as they were the first time!

2)  i am thankful for schwan's sundae cones.  those should be a given.  but those things are amazing.

3)  i am thankful for amazing lifelong friends who are there for you no matter what.  the kind of friends that you have had for 10+ years and you never fight.  the friends who know everything about you and they're still your friends!!  the friends who know that bedtime is at 10pm (or earlier) and you're not kicking them out - it's just bedtime.  

4) i am thankful for family.  this has been a hard one lately.  but, i am thankful for the family who knows that there are times when you can't make it on your own but they still stand by your side.  the family who does what's right even when it feels wrong.  the family that goes out of their way to make you feel like you're more than just family - you're friends!

5)  i am thankful for canon, hp, and adobe - they make my photography come to life. :)  i am thankful for dr pepper - it makes the whole day better.  i am thankful for madden 12 and super mario brothers - they make my children happy.  i am thankful for nissan, and fishing - that makes my husband happy.  i am thankful that my children have AMAZING teachers - i couldn't have handpicked better ones for them.  i am not thankful for directv - they make me angry!  i am also not thankful for the tomah area credit untion (TACU) - they make me angry too!  i am not quite sure if i am thankful that my daughter decided to LOVE owls the year everything has an owl on it - owls are costing me a small fortune.  i am thankful that the packers are doing an amazing job because i'm pretty sure my mother's health depends on it!

6)  and the obvious givens that EVERYONE says .... i am thankful for my life, my home, my family, my friends, my awesome clients, pretty sunsets, fall, and beautiful countrysides. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day 660 | who missed me

let me start off this blog by saying ... I DID NOT TAKE THIS PICTURE!! :)  the amazing sarah schultz photography did this - however, it is my adorable children :)  i must say - my children were amazingly cooperative.  amazingly!!  they are touching each other and not screaming - this is amazing!!! :)  well this is my FAVORITE image out of all of them.  miss tatum is FIVE and teagster is SEVEN.  craziness.

alright - so i have been informed by several today that i have not been blogging regularly.  so for that - i am sorry!  it has been a LONG weekend.  amazingly fun - but long!!  so long in fact - i had to take a nap today! :)  don't worry - i will catch up in the next day or two.  until then - you'll just have to be filled with anticipation ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

day 659 | chris & alejandra married

let me start off by saying ... this is probably one of the LONGEST blog posts ever.  okay - the most photos from me anyway.  we've been working with chris & alejandra over the course of the last year - wedding consults, engagement pictures, the wedding - and we've gotten to know them pretty well!  all in all, we ended up with over 1500 pictures between two cameras.  we took those images and narrowed it down to just shy of 700 final images.  there wasn't a moment of this wedding that wasn't shot lol.  and although to most 700 images sounds like A LOT of images - that's less than 100 images an hour.  i can shoot 100 images in about 15 minutes - so i'd say that's pretty good lol.  narrowing those 700 images down to a few favorites = COMPLICATED!  this 1st image is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites EVER from a wedding.  do you like my random capitalization?!?  that's how much i LOVE it :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

day 658 | mr & mrs wacker

i am almost finished up with this session.  tomorrow you will get my favorite individual posts - but since i'm still wrapping it up, here is a sneak peak of what is to come! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

day 657 | tate is FIVE

miss tatum is FIVE!  we are still waiting for our family pictures (which include her five year old pictures) but these show her gooniness just as well!! :)  the 1st pic is when i asked tate how old she was - the 2nd is her assertion of independence.  she MUST do everything herself.  her hair goes a certain way - her morning routine is HER morning routine!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

day 656 | deer hunting season

i have two weddings left to edit in order to finish out the 2011 season.  i am halfway thru the middle of one - and i think this image is the perfect one to use for the opening day of deer hunting season!

Friday, November 18, 2011

day 655 | felber family

met up with the felber's this evening.  they recently moved to tennessee but they're back in town for the holidays.  thankfully they haven't switched over to the titan's and they're still loyal packer fans!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 654 | what to wear

i promise that soon, VERY soon i will get back to my dr pepper obsessions, my insane stories, posting some pictures of my children, a few rants, and the usual :)  the month of october, i only took three pictures that i wasn't hired to take.  THREE.  that's an all-time low.  november hasn't been much better.  so december - that's mostly what you're going to get. :)  but because i actually had to clean my house today, pay some bills, and file some paperwork - tonight you get WHAT TO WEAR!  i have no idea who to give credit for this picture to.  it was found on my new pinterest obsession (obsession doesn't even BEGIN to describe). 

oh, and as a side note - parent / teacher conferences were perfect.  grades were perfect, tests were perfect, children were mostly perfect, blah blah blah :)  tegan is getting moved into advanced on math, offers to clean up (WHO is this kid?!?), and is overall a joy to have in class.  tatum is mostly proficient, gets along perfectly with others, AND isn't bossy (which REALLY surprises me)!  makes this mama proud.

now go back to looking at what you are supposed to wear for pictures ;) 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

day 653 | stacey heart drew

one more wedding edited. :)  do you know how hard it is to take 500+ pictures and turn them into your top 4 or 5 images?  it's hard!!  but these are what i came up with!! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day 652 | steele family

meet my buddy camryn.  she is a riot.  once i showed her my camera owl - we got along great!!!  camryn decided to show her baby sister some lovin' too.  and just like that - i am officially caught up on sessions.  now just three weddings to edit and we are really caught up.  i never thought this day would come ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

day 651 | parker & family

parker decided to bring her family to this shoot (you may remember parker from being the baby owl about six months back).  this little family couldn't get anymore adorable!!  parker was loving watching everything going on around her - she made us work for the giggles!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

day 650 | witherow's

meet the witherow's (again).  they have been one of the families i have gotten to know the most thru the last year and a half!  it's always a blast to get together with them! today i spent recuperating from the weekend.  my children apparently had to recuperate from their weekend at grandma's.  can we say spunkilicious?!?  that's what they were!  and to bed early tonight we shall all go!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

day 649 | michelle heart rich

i survived wedding season!!!  you have no clue how awesome it is to say that! :)  at the beginning of the year - 19 weddings looked insurmountable - but now - DONE! completed! WHEW!!!  i have even caught up on my editing - i have three sessions left and three weddings.  then - it's on to weekends filled with family & friends, fun times, and going to bed before 10pm! :)