Sunday, October 30, 2011

day 636 | jackson

meet jackson!  you may remember seeing him on the blog in april of 2010.  he's full of energy, all boy, and all grown up now!  today we spent the day trying to get back to our roots - so to speak.  wedding season gets us slightly overwhelmed and we end up not having much free time - so yesterday, we had people over for dinner, played some games, and still had enough time to run to the mall!  :)  tate got invited to a princess party so we had to find her the perfect costume/dress to wear.  she was 100% sure she wanted rupunzel - until they didn't have it in stock.  she was bound and determined she was bringing home a dress TODAY - so, tinkerbell it is.  but seriously - tinkerbell glows in the dark, and she has wings that have twinkle lights - and shoes - the shoes even light up.  how could you go wrong with a tinkerbell costume?

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