Saturday, October 22, 2011

day 628 | curse gamestop

i did not have a wedding today for the 1st saturday in WEEKS!  i spent the beginning of the day shooting pictures of families - and i spent the rest of the day spoiling my children.  here is where i insert the part about how gamestop and i have a love / hate relationship.  tegan LOVES gamestop.  he would live in a gamestop if he could.  before, gamestop was bribery for going to the eye doctor in rochester or going shopping all day with mommy in la crosse.  however, now there is one conveniently located right next to wal-mart.  i must admit buying 1 game at wal-mart for $50 vs buying 6 games at gamestop for $60 is very awesome.  however, having next to wal-mart ... i can see this turning into a problem!!!  needless to say they were running a sale (buy 2, get 1 free).  so we went in and spent 1 hour waiting for tegan to pick out what he wanted.  let's see if you can see what his favorite types of games are (and let me remind you we already own Madden NFL 09, 10, & 11) .. he purchased NCAA Football 09, MLB  2007, NBA 2009 ... yes, do you see the problem?  Tatum on the other hand picked Just Dance 2 (since our original one disappeared), Littlest Pet Shop for Wii, and Littlest Pet Shop for DS.  there will be no more trips to the gamestop this month!  and since i don't have a wedding - here's a preview of the wedding i am currently editing!

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