Wednesday, October 12, 2011

day 618 | editing rampage

i am on an editing rampage!  i am so far behind - i am bound and DETERMINED to get caught up within the next two weeks (or so)!  haha.  this evening we had our own family pictures taken.  there was a major change in plans .... for instance, we were going with lori lewis photography & design (who's a friend and i LOVE her work) - however the rain wasn't having it.  unfortunately since lori is an AMAZING photographer - our schedules do not mesh well.  so, we rescheduled our photography session with the AMAZING sarah schultz photography and we were planning on doing an inside only session.  however, just as we were headed into the studio - there was a break in the rain and we ran outside and did it quickly.  i won't see them for several weeks - but i can say dark purple attire, a mustard yellow couch, and an open field.

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