Monday, October 3, 2011

day 609 | what about me

i cannot remember the last time i took a picture just because i wanted to.  this is my goal for october (okay - maybe november).  i want to get back to shooting something every week just because i want to.  ideally this would be daily - but i can't see that happening for awhile yet.  but weekly or every other day - that sounds more feasible!  i did however shoot this mysterious looking thing during an outfit change on today's session.  you should know by now - i do not know a thing about nature - so i have no idea what this thing is and tyson has already went to bed so there is no asking him.  i am not at one with nature!  there is such a thing as TOO much nature - as seen while visiting my inlaws campsite this weekend.  but it's pretty!

and as for my editing - yeah!  still behind!!!!  majorly behind!!!!

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