Saturday, September 17, 2011

day 593 | trent heart sarah

i had the pleasure of shooting trent & sarah's wedding today.  this wedding was AH-MAZING!  of course, i would expect nothing less!!  i cannot stress enough how important first meetings are with your photographer.  we met trent and sarah not long after they were engaged.  our meetings continued through the year, including several photo sessions with the gorgeous daughter rosina.  when i walked into the wedding on saturday - i felt like i was there with friends - making my job a whole lot easier! the day just flowed perfectly.

i haven't had a chance to go through the hundreds of pictures we took - however, this one caught my eye.  it was so cute because pastor forgot to say "you may kiss the bride" - so right before they walked up the aisle - they were able to sneak in a quick kiss!

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