Friday, September 16, 2011

day 592 | rock the dress

i had SIX sessions today.  yes, six.  plus i have been sick with an ear infection all week.  so although i couldn't hear at any of my sessions - i had a blast!  my favorite kind of sessions are rock the dress sessions .... of course, i love doing weddings - but i specifically like when you're not worried about getting your dress a little dirty :)  meet jill - she got married a couple of months ago.  a friend of mine (NORA) shot the wedding and i had the pleasure of doing our first "un-photo booth" ... basically we came in, sat up lights, and told people to smile (it worked!).  nora does an AMAZING job and she's super friendly - so i recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!!  jill was just helping us out on some modeling we are doing for our website - so she volunteered to get her dress dirty again :) 

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