Thursday, September 1, 2011

day 577 | first day of school

today went much smoother than i could have ever imagined (especially after the nervous breakdown we had to deal with last year)!  but a year makes all the difference! :)  tegan woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, and ran out the door.  we got to school and he asked me to walk him in - proceeded by the lip starting to quiver and then he asked me if he could just homeschool.  BUT - as soon as got him to his room he ran right in and started talking to his friends .... so i took advantage of that and snuck out the door!

tatum doesn't get picked up until 11:30am - and she was sooooooo excited!  the day started with her running around the house yelling excitedly "I AM DOING TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!"  the excitement continued right out to waiting for the bus.  the bus pulled up, she went running and jumped right on, and although she seemed a little nervous at that point - she kept right on smiling!  whew - complete success!

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