Saturday, August 27, 2011

day 572 | mini-vacation

milwaukee.  what do you do in milwaukee?!?  you go to the zoo!  every year we go to the zoo because tegan LOVES the zoo.  but this year he wanted to see a gazelle (in my opinion a gazelle is a type of bird - but he has set the record straight - it is in fact a deer-type looking animal thing).  so milwaukee it was.  the milwaukee zoo is stinking HUGE and thankfully there was a breeze or i may have died.  plus, i have decided i am in favor of visiting the free zoos (such as madison or como park).  but the kids had a blast and that's all that mattered.  so here's a few pics from the day.  1)  tegan & tatum checking out the aquariums.  2)  the seal show (which was pretty entertaining)!  3) you don't need masks from the zoo when you can get your WHOLE face painted!  (by the way - this doesn't come off very easy).  and 4)  tegan sinking his toes into lake michigan (or running from lake michigan - however you want to look at it ;)

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