Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day 569 | i-39

i-39 has got to be the LONGEST road ever!  there are hardly any towns on it - and the ones that have exits are way off in the distance.  there is lots of flat ground and wind turbines.  welcome to illinois!! :)  today we took tate and headed home (watching the movie RIO for the entire six hours we were in the car).  tegan decided to stay down an extra day and come home with grandma & grandpa.  i am very surprised he actually stayed!!  this is the storm we ran into on the way home.

doesn't compare to the storm that we ran into when we got home.  apparently our neighbors are mad at us because they're getting evicted.  the only thing we have ever said about them is that they have chickens (which by the way is a city ordinance violation).  our other neighbor called us on the way home to tell us our neighbors would be mad because he and his friend called the landlord on them saturday night after something went down.  i find it amusing we're getting blamed for it when we were in viroqua saturday and in illinois sunday thru today - but whatever!  they actually that bad of neighbors except for the chickens!

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