Wednesday, July 27, 2011

day 541 | school shopping

spent the entire day school shopping.  ugh!  child a (tegan) is super easy to shop for.  he has no color preferences ... no brand preferences ... no cares whatsoever about what we buy.  he just wants a cars 2 backpack, his pants to be adjustable because otherwise they fall down when he runs, AND he needs boxers - not briefs.  these are his only concerns.  school shopping can be crossed off for this child ... except for a backpack, BUT he has informed me he is not going shopping again ... i can pick it out as long as it has mcqueen and francesco on it.

child b (tatum) is NOT SO super easy to shop for.  she has very specific color preferences ... everything should have an owl on it (and if it doesn't it better have some super cute baby animal on it) ... and she is so stinking tall with junk in her trunk - it's impossible to find jeans for this child.  so basically she has nothing - except a backpack (which conveniently has owls on it).  which means we now enter phase 2 of school shopping.  the crying phase.

i must say though - the BEST part of school shopping was going to knuckleheads in the dells with sawyer.  the day was filled with bowling, rides, and bumper cars.  the absolute BEST part was sawyer on the bumper cars.  someone would run into him and he would yell ... HEY stop that.  i so wish i would have had a video camera.  it could have won some serious cash.

and the absolute must have from this school shopping trip.  angry birds ... now available at a build a bear near you.  help me!

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