Monday, July 25, 2011

day 539 | denise

spent the entire day with a migraine :(  ever since i was a kid i've had periods of insomnia where i just can't sleep no matter what.  thankfully i'm on the tale end of this sleeping drought - but now i get to make up for it all with a migraine.  at least with not being able to sleep - i'm caught back up in editing.  now to catch up on other stuff.

for instance, tys has decided we need to have family pictures up on our walls.  it's kind of funny but since i'm a photographer - that's the one thing i NEVER get done.  i feel like hanging up a picture is so permanent ... and what if there is one later that i like better ... or what if i forget someone and they forever stop speaking to me.  it's such a huge ordeal (probably more so for me than most people lol).  so that's my goal for the week - figure out who to hang up and where.  i have TWENTY empty picture frames to start.  AGGGH!

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