Sunday, June 19, 2011

day 503 | 44" and under

had a fun day in the dells with tyson's family (the inlaws).  yes, i used fun and inlaws in the same sentence.  weird huh?  :)  i actually know they are probably ready this so you know ;)  the kids haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had.  it all started with a ducks tour (for those of you NOT from wisconsin - a ducks tour is a land tour / boat tour all in one - yeah figure that one out).  they loved the part where we splashed into the water - and they loved when our tour guide decided to drive while covering his eyes.

then it was off to the go-karts.  tegan wasn't too keen on not being in the front - so thankfully dad picked up the pace after some stern disciplinary action from tegan.  AND then tegan & tatum got to drive their own go-karts - but there aren't many smiling pictures of tegan because (and i quote) - "MOM - you HAVE to keep your eyes on the road."  i'm so glad someone told me this.

last, but not least - it was off to tegan and tatum's favorite restaurant in the dells - buffalo phil's.  we HAD to sit by the train so that the train could deliver our food - and then we HAD to go into knuckleheads and ride every single ride that was available for 44" and under!

today's picture of the day is actually from the wisconsin river portion of the ducks tour.  i didn't even notice that there was some random guy sitting on the rocky edge - i have no clue how he got there lol.  BUT i thought it was a gorgeous picture

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