Thursday, May 19, 2011

day 472 | prodigal kitty

our dead prodigal kitty has returned.  as you can see, even though we went through the whole "talk" with our children, she is VERY alive and not dead!!  this is a good thing - although there is QUITE a story to go with it:

tys' mom went to the vet and saw this cat that looked like our missing cat.  we went and checked it out but it wasn't her.  this morning the vet calls and says hey we have another cat that looks just like that other cat and you should come check it out.  so we go back to the vet to check out said cat and sure enough - there's harley bear!  she has been gone for 2½ months. 

she apparently ran about a block away, got hit by a car, and found her way into one of our neighbors shed.  the neighbor's daughter found her, took her home, helped her heal up, and found out she was allergic to cats.  so she took the cat to the vet but kept calling to check on her because she didn't want her to get put to sleep.  SO - long story short - harley bear is home.  she will most likely have to have leg amputated at some point - but she is walking around - she is feeling good - and she is sleeping in my bed all snuggled up.  (and she bit me - so the demon cat has returned!!!!!)

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  1. sara m of beloitMay 21, 2011 at 5:55 AM

    She bit you?! lol is this a usual harley bear thing then? or is she getting back at you for taking her from the vet who was spoiling her with treats? whats up with the leg