Thursday, April 28, 2011

day 451 | development day

i feel accomplished today (and i didn't really do that much) but you have to understand :)  i had over 600 favorites on my computer and i couldn't find anything.  so i am down to under 100 and they are super organized (like crazy organized).  so here's hoping i can manage my time better and not have to spend half the day looking through my favorites for links. 

today i also went to walmart to get tatum a case for her new pink ds which she is in LOVE with!  she is one spoiled four year old.  but she's happy - and when tatum's happy - we're all happy (trust me)!  we also took tatum to child development day where she got tested on her readiness for school.  she didn't talk for the first half hour - but then they couldn't shut her up.

and last, but not least.  seniors :)  running a special in may and june for seniors so i decided to showcase some of my seniors from last year.  i know - i'm lazy.  i didn't want to pick up my camera today.

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