Monday, February 21, 2011

day 385 | mayo appt

so back to this weekend - sorry i didn't actually write more.  it was a looooooooong weekend.  super fun - but long!  it all started with a trip to oconomowoc ... and a trip home which got us back at around 2am sunday morning.  woke up in time for the meeting and snow.  at first it wasn't a lot of snow - but it gradually got heavier and heavier.  i must say though - i do find it amusing that the talk was on heeding warnings while we were in the middle of a winter storm warning.  just a little irony!

after the meeting - we benched our normal ground round sunday lunch for mexican food.  it was delish - but we all know my pancreas HATES mexican food and well - it let me know.  we had company who ended up stuck at our house and unable to go home because of the roads - so it was an order pizza, watch movies, play games kind of evening.

and this morning - nature had the last laugh because once again - school was cancelled ... thus giving tegan a FOUR day weekend!  and it's official - we have our mayo appointment to find out if tegan needs his second eye surgery.  here's hoping it's a NO - a big NO!  and i'll give you a hint at the appointment time ... 7:45am!  so if you figure we are an hour and a half away ... it's is going to be a loooooooong day on march 18th!

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