Thursday, February 10, 2011

day 374 | rings & things

my husband bought me a new ring :)  no, it's not real - however it's meant to keep me from losing my REAL wedding ring. i've been so absent-minded lately it's been happening quite frequently. 

today's agenda - went to wal-mart for one item ... came out with like twenty-six.  you just don't understand - mater's tall tales blu-ray was on sale ... the dinosaur monster truck section was on sale ... the strawberry shortcake aisle was on sale ... yeah - you get the idea! 

also - i finally took our van to the car wash.  i tried to go last week however i broke our bumper ... yes it takes talent to damage your car at the car wash.  tyson was quite impressed that i made it there this time without hitting anything (that he knows of anyway)!  :)

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