Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 373 | design pro

i need to hire a design pro - i hate designing and editing.  i want to spend all my time behind the camera and then hand the images off to a designer :)  ah we can dream right?  i spent the evening at uw-l in my financial class.  i HATE it.  i was bored out of my mind.  most of it was stuff i already knew.  i think i need a business tax class more than a financial class.  ah well - only one class left and i'm DONE! :)

here is the design i finally came up with for our perks card.  oh - don't worry you can't actually print it out here because i had them designed as pearl art - so they look SUPER cool!  now if someone would give me the energy to design my senior flyers.  argh - i hate designing :(  booooooo

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