Monday, February 28, 2011

day 392 | whatta weekend

oh whatta weekend!  friday started with a house party.  house parties are exceptionally fun when the owners of the house aren't home ;)  haha.  lots of crazy fun including jameson whiskey, ginger ale, angry birds ... and march madness mustache conversations.  maybe you had to be there ....

saturday we had a wedding consult and ended up booking a 2012 wedding at the golf course in la crosse - which i am super stoked about!  spent the afternoon still finishing up projects that i'm running behind on - but i'm closer and closer to a completion schedule.

sunday after the meeting we had lunch with friends at pizones - mmmm :)  my mom arrived home later in the evening from her week and a half trip to illinois ... her twin brother brought her back.  spent the evening visiting with family ... and woke up this morning to find out he ended up in the tomah hospital with a kidney stone.  so needless to say - whatta weekend!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

day 391 | remember summer?

tonight i was updating the senior section of the website and i came across this picture i took of denise.  i LOVE it - i don't know why i didn't see it earlier this year.  But this is definitely one of my favorites and i'm going to use it for my senior promos.  :)  remember summer?  definitely looking forward to getting outside and shooting in the warm summer air again!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

day 389 | adjustments

a few adjustments here and a few adjustments there and i am getting to the place where i want to be!  finally getting my logo design integrated through the website and the paperwork we hand out.  i'm super excited with the way everything is starting to look ... and apprently it's working because i've booked three weddings this week! :)  i am super stoked about all the couples i have coming up - they're going to be super fun to work with and they all have neat ideas!  here's a glimpse of the new website logo integration

Thursday, February 24, 2011

day 388 | bob

tate spent the morning babysitting tanner.  yes - my four year old was in charge! :)  this little man came running through my house yelling BOB ... and ran straight for the dvd shelf.  he knew exactly where bob the builder was and this was the smiles i got for putting it in.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 387 | bluray

there is no technical shot or even fun shot for today.  i am on an agenda - and that agenda will be finished by this coming weekend.  hopefully!  my disney blu-ray shipment came in today.  i finally brokedown and decided to rejoin the disney movie club since now i have to slowly switch all our dvd's to blu-ray.  and of course - the owl movie.  tatum's obsession!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day 386 | paint mess

tatum is OBSESSED with painting.  painting paper ... chairs ... the table ... herself.

Monday, February 21, 2011

day 385 | mayo appt

so back to this weekend - sorry i didn't actually write more.  it was a looooooooong weekend.  super fun - but long!  it all started with a trip to oconomowoc ... and a trip home which got us back at around 2am sunday morning.  woke up in time for the meeting and snow.  at first it wasn't a lot of snow - but it gradually got heavier and heavier.  i must say though - i do find it amusing that the talk was on heeding warnings while we were in the middle of a winter storm warning.  just a little irony!

after the meeting - we benched our normal ground round sunday lunch for mexican food.  it was delish - but we all know my pancreas HATES mexican food and well - it let me know.  we had company who ended up stuck at our house and unable to go home because of the roads - so it was an order pizza, watch movies, play games kind of evening.

and this morning - nature had the last laugh because once again - school was cancelled ... thus giving tegan a FOUR day weekend!  and it's official - we have our mayo appointment to find out if tegan needs his second eye surgery.  here's hoping it's a NO - a big NO!  and i'll give you a hint at the appointment time ... 7:45am!  so if you figure we are an hour and a half away ... it's is going to be a loooooooong day on march 18th!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

day 383 | stattmann wedding

and the wedding season begins ... for dj'ing anyway!  i still have a few more weeks before wedding photography starts - but this was a nice way to wean back in after our 3 month break!  tonight's wedding was an AWESOME wedding!  lots of dancing ... lots of clapping ... lots of fun!

Friday, February 18, 2011

day 382 | sprinter?!?!

is it spring? is it winter? is it .... AGH i'm so confused!  we go from -20º all the way up to 50+º and now we're steadily heading back to the single digits. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

day 381 | depth of field

i heart my UPS man - he always brings me such awesome things.  for instance, today he brought me a new lens!  i got a 50mm prime lens with a f1.8.  for those of you who don't speak camera speak (and yes - that would be most of the time) a f1.8 is what gives the background blur so your main object is in focus.  depth of field is my guilty pleasure!!  ooooh and doesn't my little man look like a politician or a car salesman with that cheesy grin?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 380 | curse tax season

i am 94% ready to file my taxes.  why only 94% when i usually have already gotten my tax return back and spent it by now.  two reasons.  one - i went to my tax class last week and realized that i was doing something wrong with my business taxes - so i had to fix that and i'm caught up except for the month of december.  two - toro lost tyson's w-2.  how do you LOSE a w-2?  they won't reissue one until next week so here i sit - waiting :(  and being sick just adds to my grumpiness!

on a plus note though - the fog this morning was beautiful! :)  and i think i will finish cleaning my house tomorrow before we leave for the weekend and before tegan has the day off school friday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

day 379 | growling

i have the sinus infection from h***.  so you get a short and sweet blog post of my growling son!

Monday, February 14, 2011

day 378 | senior flyers

it's already that time of year again!  class of 2012 senior flyers need to go out in the couple of weeks which means i should have had these designed a few weeks ago - but ... yeah!  i have been so grouchy with designing lately so i ended up throwing these together tonight.  the back has yet to be designed - but it's coming along.  i just need a deadline and maybe i'll get them done! :)

i am super grouchy because of my cold that is most likely a sinus infection but i'm refusing to go to the dr because it will only be a virus.  my desk has to be disinfected every 3.2 minutes because of all the sneezing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

day 377 | morning light

meeting this morning followed by ground round's amazing breakfast buffet ;)  i think i may have found a new trend here.  afterwards tys and i kicked our butts into high gear and cleaned the house.  we are going to be gone for the next two weekends so we figured we might as well get some stuff done before we leave.

i love this picture of the day - not sure why i love it - but i love it

Saturday, February 12, 2011

day 376 | carl james

spent last evening playing cards with friends and visiting my buddy carl james!  spent this morning out in service and visited my buddy carl james again.  we're tight!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

day 374 | rings & things

my husband bought me a new ring :)  no, it's not real - however it's meant to keep me from losing my REAL wedding ring. i've been so absent-minded lately it's been happening quite frequently. 

today's agenda - went to wal-mart for one item ... came out with like twenty-six.  you just don't understand - mater's tall tales blu-ray was on sale ... the dinosaur monster truck section was on sale ... the strawberry shortcake aisle was on sale ... yeah - you get the idea! 

also - i finally took our van to the car wash.  i tried to go last week however i broke our bumper ... yes it takes talent to damage your car at the car wash.  tyson was quite impressed that i made it there this time without hitting anything (that he knows of anyway)!  :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 373 | design pro

i need to hire a design pro - i hate designing and editing.  i want to spend all my time behind the camera and then hand the images off to a designer :)  ah we can dream right?  i spent the evening at uw-l in my financial class.  i HATE it.  i was bored out of my mind.  most of it was stuff i already knew.  i think i need a business tax class more than a financial class.  ah well - only one class left and i'm DONE! :)

here is the design i finally came up with for our perks card.  oh - don't worry you can't actually print it out here because i had them designed as pearl art - so they look SUPER cool!  now if someone would give me the energy to design my senior flyers.  argh - i hate designing :(  booooooo

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

day 372 | dam waterfall

ended up running to la crosse yesterday after school.  tyson got the job he REALLY wanted at toro - so we went to celebrate at olive garden. plus, i had to exchange one of our ps3 controllers - so it all worked out for me ;)  ended up getting home later than anticipated and i had one VERY tired little boy this morning. 

super excited that i got my perks card ordered and it will be here tomorrow!  for those of you who don't know what the perks card is ... it can be purchased for yourself or as a gift.  1 year is $39.99 and 2 years is $59.99.  you get free indoor sessions for the duration of the time you purchased it for as well as ½ price outdoor sessions, 10% off all prints, and $25 off the purchase of the copyright free CD's.  now my next goal is to get the flyers designed for the class of 2012 seniors since i'm already getting phone calls for those!

Monday, February 7, 2011

day 371 | pollution

well that doesn't look healthy ... but i couldn't help but see a photo op!  put a vintage overlay on it and i like it!  well the picture - not the pollution! ;)  taking the week off from sessions to catch up on some things before our weddings start up at the end of the month! 

on a total upside - i hear another photography "studio" in tomah has shot themselves in the foot today!  i had a client call in to schedule an appointment - which turned into 3 appointments for her and her family in the area - all because the photographer she originally contacted wouldn't show her samples.  total plus side for me! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 370 | super bowl sunday

i love the super bowl no matter who goes.  i love super bowl commercials - but this year they were lacking and disappointing.  i don't want to see paramount and their movie premiers - i want to see hilarity and the bud bowl!  i was sadly disappointed!  i did however love the black eyed peas.  they don't sound near as good live as they do on the radio - but i did like them.  and i definitely LOVED having the green bay packers take home the title! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

day 369 | engagements

we've been having wedding consults all week and today we took the day off and slept in.  i am super excited about all the weddings coming up!  i am also super excited that tys said i can buy a backup camera that's as good as my first - so now i go back to deciding whether i want the 7d or the 5d.  i am leaning more toward the 7d because i'm comfortable with it and it's what i use now.  i'm also hoping that by buying the 7d it will save some money and i can buy my new alien bee lighting! :)  so much awesome stuff happening here at the studio!

today's picture of the day is another picture from my engagement session ...

Friday, February 4, 2011

day 368 | andy & kelsey

i heart engagement sessions.  i heart people who are truly in love.  i heart people who want to have fun and are up for anything.  andy & kelsey were a lot of fun to shoot - i can't wait until their wedding!  we trapsed through snow, climbed stairs, found bridges - this is what engagement is all about ;)  of course - i'm way too tired to edit those so i picked this simplest of the shots.  those eyes are SO vivid - i heart it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

day 367 | mallard

today i had to take a drive over to sparta to check out some places for an engagement session i'm doing.  in the process i ran into this little guy who really, really wanted some of my sub. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 366 | puxatony phil

since taking a picture of puxatony phil was not an option today (although he is definitely my newest hero) ... you get a video instead!  my 2010 sessions in one place ... :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 365 | one year

when i started this blog - one year ago today - i never thought i would actually make it for 365 days.  but i did and i'm happy i stuck with it!  a lot has happened in the course of a year and i'm happy that i have something to remember it by!  here's hoping i make it another year ... or two ... or five!  :)  only time will tell. 

i have two pictures for today.  one - a collage of some of my favorite photo opportunites for the year.  there was no way i could fit them all - or even all my favorites for that matter - so i picked some of my top favorites.  the second picture of the day is some of my favorite life memories this last year. 

happy blog anniversary to me!