Saturday, January 29, 2011

day 362 | psychopath

service this morning with the inlaws = totally missed opportunity at an AWESOME picture of the day.  getting stuck in a steep icey / snowy driveway.  not cool!  then spent most of the day cleaning and getting ready for company tomorrow.  got a little sidetracked watching live streaming netflix on the ps3.  seriously - that thing is AWESOME!  we hooked up our new surround sound and it seriously sounds like we are in a movie theater.  but the thing is slightly distracting - as in when i should be cleaning i tend to find myself ... not cleaning!

this is my little psychopath cat.  yes - i know - i am slacking this week but i'm trying to think of what i want to do for day 365!  or after that!  so my little psychopath harley shall do for today!  she looks all cute and innocent - but she is definitely not! 

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