Friday, January 28, 2011

day 361 | flame

there was no cleaning today!  instead - i got my cat shaved. :)  no, that's not slang for anything - i really got my cat shaved!  she's a persian and she has psycho crazy fur ... so today she got cut to look like a lion.  fuzzy face, fuzzy tail, and boots with the fur.  she looks AMAZING!

gabryella actually gets shaved in viroqua (since she's went there for 9 years) so i got to take a trip home.  visited some friends, ate some cheese corner, visited some more friends, and got home to my still disaster of a house!  thinking of lighting a match to it all :) but then i just decided to take a picture of the flame!  tomorrow - clean!  tonight - watch tyson hook up the ps3 and new hd sound system we got so i can watch an amazingly clear movie!

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