Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 355 | flake out

this weekend we went shopping at the mall in the dells.  there were some AWESOME deals!  i mean AWESOME!  i ended up bring home over $600 worth of stuff for all around $200.  the children's place was sadly disappointing - but thankfully there were a ton of other stores that kept my shopping appetite up.  and of course - build a bear - where we left with a monkey named rodgers and a bear named flower - fully decked in packer uniforms!

then it was over to the flake out festival at buffalo phil's.  i was very impressed.  wisconsin people don't just get a lot of snow - they know what to do with it.  in fact, they carve intricate looking pieces of art in below zero weather!  impressive.  there were probably about 25 snow carvings, several ice sculptures, ice candles, pony rides, dog sleds, intertubing, etc.  it was a lot of fun.  and of course - dinner at buffalo phil's was delish as always!

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