Thursday, January 20, 2011

day 353 | moon

i didn't even notice there was a full moon - until it was already high in the sky (yes - i'm unobservant these days)!  ran outside in the below freezing windchill and that didn't work because everything was blowing.  so ran upstairs and shot this through tatum's bedroom window using a tripod and my new awesome canon remote!  now i just need my husband to buy me a new tripod - because i HATE my tripod.  it's hard to use and i end up throwing it on the ground quite frequently!

2nd on the agenda - tegan was home sick monday-wednesday went back to school today ... and i'm telling you ... if school is cancelled tomorrow due to coldness or whatever - i will be taking bids for who wants to spend the day with him.  or even for the weekend since there is no school on monday.  any takers?!?!?!

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