Friday, January 14, 2011

day 347 | just dance

this is a day late .... i had it all ready to upload on my droid but then i shut off my phone and forgot to turn it back on again.  soooooo that didn't work.  at any rate - we ended up having a pre-party at our house last night.  i ended up going to bed at a little after midnight - but i hear the party went until 4am-ish.  we bought just dance 2 for the wii and that game is the bomb!  talk about working up a sweat and having a blast with your friends!!!

today's picture of the day - hoarfrost.  yes, it is a real word and i could totally just say "frost" but my brother-inlaw cade HATES the word hoarfrost - so i intend on using it as much as possible!

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