Monday, December 27, 2010

day 329 | harley bear

harley was freaking out today because we were obsessively cleaning the house. tyson said i have been off my game lately ... i.e. forgetting appointments, losing paperwork, etc. the problem is that i am obsessive complusive perfectionist. when things aren't put in a specific place or in a place that allows me to eventually put it in a specific place - the house sort of falls apart. when the house falls apart - i slowly quit caring. and it's a vicious cycle.

i also think that maybe we're just a little more content this week. when you get a letter saying that your house payment has dropped by $600 - it makes you feel a lot happier and actually want to clean. so there was LOTS of cleaning today. even the crevices. and although it was only my schedule for one day - it may have to be extended to two or three days :)

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