Tuesday, December 14, 2010

day 316 | minnesota (grrrrr)

i have been around wisconsin / minnesota for quite some time now - and ever since i can remember, it has snowed. i am sure it snowed long before i remember and i'm sure it will snow here well into the future. one might think that if it has snowed for the last 30+ years, 50+ years, etc., a state may be a tad bit more prepared. for instance, if say it snowed on saturday, one would think that by tuesday the snow would be plowed and cleared away. minnesota, however, has FAILED miserably! they get a big F. the roads were terrible. in fact, as soon as we hit the minnesota stateline, a car went flying in the ditch because of the ice.

on a positive note ... tegan's eyes are doing AWESOME! so much so that even though there are still some signs that they aren't perfect - they are much, much better than before the surgery. the dr thinks that within the next three months, they will heal even more and hopefully he will avoid another surgery!

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