Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 289 | played

you may find this funny - i, however, find this slightly annoying. tegan has been throwing temper tantrums over tying shoes. he always wants to learn how to tie his shoes when we are running late or don't have the time ... and when we have the time, he could care less. i was in the process of venting about this to a friend - who happens to work at tegan's school. she proceeds to tell me that a kid on the playground was upset because his shoe was untied and tegan came running up and said he would tie it for him. ALAS - the kid can tie his shoes. it amazes me what this child can do at school and yet he appears completely helpless at home. i have been played!

it was nice to have one of our classic girls shopping trips in the dells last night. decided on a whim we were going to use our children's place coupons which expired today - so time to shop!! my bill was over $100 and with all my coupons - $61. i was EXTREMELY happy!! of course, then i went to gymboree and spent the rest of my money - so no more shopping for a couple weeks at least ;)

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