Friday, October 29, 2010

day 270 | eye surgery

today was one of the most heartwrenching days of my life. i have had my share of surgeries - however to watch your child go through it and not be able to do a thing about it is heartwrenching. tegan had to have surgery on both of this eyes to repair two lazy eyes. he was calm and collected up until we went back - and by then the valium had kicked in there wasn't much for him to freak out about. but coming out and realizing he couldn't focus on anything, he was seeing two of everything, and his eyes felt like sandpaper, and there was a NEEDLE sticking out of his arm (an IV) made something in him snap and there was uncontrollable freaking out.

finally the nurses just said - take him home - maybe that will help him get control of himself - and that's what we did. after a nice long sleep on the ride home - he woke up much happier and much more able to reason. his eyes are major swollen, bright red, and slightly nasty looking - but it only means one thing - we're at the end of his five year long road to getting them fixed!

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