Thursday, September 23, 2010

day 235 | rain, rain go away

seriously - you're not wanted. it is flooded EVERYWHERE! i am not a huge cran fester - i am not into crafts or knick knacks or pretty much anything you have to move in order to dust around. however, when people can make amazing things out of metal - bending and twisting to make a super unique creation - i am totaly in! so this water better figure out somewhere to go because i don't think i have any old pairs of tennis shoes left.

on a side note, tatum got some serious chloe playtime in today at chuck e cheese. there was almost a sleepover - but neither was quite ready for it. i do find it amusing that they've been around each other for the last (almost) four years - and suddenly out of nowhere they're b.f.f's!

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